What Is The Ideal Guitar For a Beginner?


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The ideal beginner's guitar should be an inexpensive guitar which feels comfortable in the hands of the player.

I found starting on a classical (Spanish) guitar the most comfortable way of picking up the instrument. Learning the classical guitar helps to develop important techniques such as fingerpicking early on in your playing days. The nylon strings of a classical guitar are less punishing on your fingers than other types of guitar and will help build up strength in them. If cost is an issue, you will also find that beginner classical guitars are cheaper than electrics.

Classical Guitars

  • Classical guitars are good for learning basic guitar techniques on.
  • Their Nylon strings will be kinder to your fingertips.
  • They will be cheaper than electric or steel-stringed acoustics. I bought my first guitar for £30!
  • Classical guitars are a good base from which to develop your playing ability.

Electric Guitars

If you only wish to play electric guitar then you can purchase competitively-priced starter kits, which usually include the guitar, a lead, an amp and a gig bag. Fender Squire guitars are good electric beginners kits. They are decent value for money (around £150) and sound good enough for beginners.

Starting on an acoustic or classical guitar will benefit your long term guitar technique. Although it is not unusual for players to start on the electric guitar, doing this can lead to picking up bad habits which may be difficult to eradicate in the long term.   

  • Well priced electric starter kits are available.
  • Electric guitars are easier to play.
  • May lead to developing bad playing habits.
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Beginner guitars are typically inexpensive guitars for beginning guitarists. Often times these beginning guitars come as a "starter" pack that includes all the basic items a new student would need. (Ex: Guitar, gig bag, picks, extra strings, strap, tuner, etc.)

There are several brands on the market at an array of prices. I have seen starter packs as low as $75 and as high as $300. So how do you decide which one to get? First if you're planning on taking lessons then ask you teacher for suggestions on brands and the best place to purchase them. I suggest purchasing locally so if there's any kind of defect you can return it to the store directly. Also you can actually go in and see the color and get a feel for the instrument. Often times I will go with my students and help them pick one out.

Also I suggest going with an off brand verses a brand name. Many of the brand name like Fender and Gibson are priced higher and the quality is the same! What these large companies don't tell the consumer is that they contract out their "cheaper" guitars to overseas manufacturers. What happens is the same overseas manufacturer that makes a guitar for Fender will also make an off brand like Johnson or Sammick and they will use the same parts!

Another reason to get a cheaper guitar is if you don't stick with it you can sell it for at least half or more of what you paid for it. Do the math...$100 guitar...sell it for $50.....$300 sell it for $150 if your lucky...see what I mean. Spend a little now and if you stick with it you can spend more later!
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A beginner guitar player should look up for a guitar that he is comfortable with. There are many guitar companies in the market that make guitars for beginners. However if a learner wants value for money he should invest in a guitar which has been manufactured or produced by a big brand name company. A beginner can invest in guitar by Fender.

A Fender Squire is a good option as it is being manufactured by Fender guitars. The squire is very affordable and it comes with a backing of Fender Guitars which is one of the largest guitars making company in the world. Other options include an Epiphone. Epiphone is a guitar made by Gibson. Gibson is also one of the biggest Guitar making company in the world. These guitars are a safe bet for beginners as their action, fret board and sound quality is very good for a beginner.
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As a beginner on guitar playing there are some things you should have that are

1-Be confident that you can do it
2-Try to make your guitar as your best friend
3- Play tune which flow from your heart

Except these tried to keep practice with your guitar as your master telling you.  You can get tips from online such as by site.

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