Who Are Britain's Most Famous Serial Killers?


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A serial killer is someone who continues to kill over a protracted period of time, unlike the mass murderer who kills a lot of people all at the same time. The media don't understand these terms and use them interchangeably. This is wrong and leads to confusion.

Britain's first real known serial killer is Jack the Ripper, surgically assaulting prostitutes in Whitechapel, his identity was never known and he was never caught.

The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcilffe, killed prostitutes in the Leeds/Bradford area. Almost escaped after evidence about him was overlooked.

Fred and Rosemary West - killed, tortured, raped and assaulted young girls and hid the bodies all over their home and garden in Cromwell Street.

Dennis Nielson - the man who killed for company, he brought gay men home with him and murdered them

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley - the pair that worked a dom-sub team, killed children in the seventies and buried their bodies.
Some of these children are still missing.

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