Who Is Britain's Most Famous Serial Killer?


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Harold Shipman is arguably Britain's most infamous serial killer. He certainly was the most prolific with 236 proven murders and a possible total of 450 victims. Shipman was a doctor who killed his own often elderly patients by means of a lethal dose of diamorphine (a powerful painkiller).

Other famous British serial killers include Jack the Ripper, Mary Ann Cotton and Fred West.
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If we define "famous" in terms of name recognition, then the most famous would be Jack the Ripper.

If we define "famous" in terms of sheer number killed, then Harold Shipman with 256 confirmed and an easy 400 - 500 deaths they couldn't investigate due to time, finances, etc., but they were convinced he was good for these as murders.
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"Harold Shipman is arguably Britain's most infamous serial killer..."

Eh? Not a chance in hell!

How on earth is Harold Shipman more infamous than Jack The Ripper? Infamy has nothing to do with the number of people killed or how they were killed.

Jack The Ripper is the most infamous serial killer in the world. There's few names that are as instantly recognisable as that one. Harold Shipman? Don't make me laugh.
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George bush... Oh yeah he is american

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