How do I entertain young kids at home?


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Julie Allen answered
Keeping young kids busy and entertained at home can seem like a challenging prospect. With a little planning and a cupboard full of games, toys and craft materials, the day will fly by!
Get baking
Kids love creating something and if it’s edible, all the better! Older children can try mixing and baking cookies and buns, experimenting with different ingredients for personal taste. Younger children can make chocolate crispies or rocky road bars, which just need to be chilled in the fridge. The treats can also be customised for upcoming birthdays or events.
Make a kite
Get that craft kit out and make a kite, complete with tassels and decorations. Each child can have their own and stage a mini-competition in the garden.
Try gardening
Teach children where their fruit and vegetables come from by planting some seeds or young plants. Kids learn how to tend plants and get to eat their produce at the end. Try tomatoes and cucumbers for a more visual treat. You can also grow flowers if you have space which are ideal to cut for special occasions and gifts.
Play board games
Raid the cupboard for board games, especially if the weather is poor. Pick a game to suit all ages and abilities. And for an added twist, add some incentives; my family used to play monopoly with candy added to the free parking square!
Host a themed party
This is a great activity to space over several days as kids can spend time making invitations, deciding on a theme, creating fancy dress costumes, preparing food and actually hosting a get together.
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Sophi smit answered
Painting or if you want less messy drawing! Plus if there's a boy just make a paper aeroplane to play with and he'll be happy! Or if there really young read them a story or make a story up and tell them or give them a rattle or toys to play with! Hope helps!
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I recently bought hungry hippos, my son and daughter love it, we have had hours of fun playing. 4 Hippos = 4 players so everyone can enjoy it together! Perfect!
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Do fun crafts with them and play games like tag outside or if inside then you can play little card games

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