Do You Still Have Any Of Your Childhood Toys? If So, What Are They?


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terry rossignol answered
My doll house my Dad made me when I was 8 it had working lights and carpet and furniture.
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My barbies are somewhere in the basement.  My favorite toys I never had as a child... Mr. Potato Heads...especially Darth Tater!  And of course... My Care Bears.  Ask KMO about them... :)
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Cara B answered
I still have a lot of my stuffed animals. My pound puppies and littlefoot from the land before time. Hard to believe that movie is that old?... I would love to get my hands on my popples. They were awesome! Oh yeah, my rainbow bright is somewhere too!
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paul williams answered
Garbage pail kids. Trading cards.
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Unreal!! That's too funny!! My hubby and I were talking about this kinda stuff the other day. I had forgotten about them. Turns out we both were BIG collectors of those cards!! That is so awesome!! Wish I still had mine:)
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Michael Vore answered
Well I didn't still have ne toys from my childhood as of late until one day some carebears showed up in a box.... They are evil... And i wish they would go away... They give me nightmares....something about killing me in my sleep...
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You were the kid that knocked over other kids sand castles at the beach BEFORE they left, aren't you?!
Michael Vore
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Lol no, it was just a reference for KTK... I love sand castles....

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