Do you still love the shows from your childhood or do you think they are "corny" now?


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I am super excited for the new season of Samurai Jack.

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otis campbell answered

beaver clever is alright so is mr. Ed but i love the old cartoons

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Sheldon Cooper answered

Loony tunes are still great

And who doesn't like Gillian's island!

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Ancient One
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My youngest discovered Loony Toons at age 7. He had some friends watch them . The Toons were a hit. But some parents said they were too violent. Yet they let their kids play "street fighter" and "grand theft". Go figure.
Sheldon  Cooper
Sheldon Cooper commented
I grew up with looney tunes
And I ask everyone
How many times " as a kid "
Did u stick your fingers into a double barrel shotgun
To avoid being shot ,
Also , how many safes
Did u drop on your friends head , or a piano........
I grew up fine .
People blame anything they can to take the heat off their seat...
I could go on and on
But I won't -
Happy 4th ...
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Barb Cala answered

They're really corny.  But we have to remember that the shows we're watching now will appear "corny" to people 40 years from now too.  LOL!

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KB Baldwin answered

Most of them seem to hold their own, but one of my favorites in my youth doesn''t.  Had an opportunity to view an episode some time ago.  OMG, was Shotgun Slade bad.  No wonder it only lasted two seasons. 

dragonfly forty-six Profile

I thought they were corny as a kid, makes no difference now. I will always love The Munsters, Star Trek, Speed Racer, Laugh-In, The Bugs and Daffy show and more.

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