What Is Your Favorite Tv Show?


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I am in the UK and so you probably haven't heard of 'Top Gear', which at the moment is my favourite TV programme. It's not that I am into car's, far from it. It's the three hosts of the show, once they get together anything can happen and usually does. What ever happens it is always extremely entertaining and always a good laugh.
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My favorite show right now is Corner Gas--it's a Canadian show that has  been going for about five years in Canada now, and was recently picked up on WGN.  Other current shows I love are:  
How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory
Big Brother
My Name is Earl
The Office
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I love reality shows. Sadly everyone I live with can't stand them.
Something new that I found that i loved is called "ninja warrior" one of those japanese shows that they voice over in English. Really love seeing people hurt themselves.
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American Idol when it is on...Are You Smarter Then A Fifth Grader....And CSI.
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My all time favorite show was Kids Say The Dardest Things. Right now it is the game show Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader. Peace
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Pat Merrifield
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T, think I've seen "the kids say the darndest things" many years ago and would probably like the current smarter than a fifth grader show but would be afraid I'd be too weak to be able to regain my control and shut the tv off. These infernal computers are bad enough!
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Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, Cop shows, medical emergency shows, Jerry Springer too. Lol
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My favorite one is The great Indian Laughter challenge, this is an Indian Comedy show, where the selected people from all over the country share jokes and entertain people and after all the preliminary rounds and final rounds a winner is selected
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No,no,no,no.....  are you kidding me folks? 
Have you ever seen :
Two And a Half Men
Super Natural
Prison Break
One tree Hill
Everybody Loves Raymond
King of Queens
My name is Earl
These shows are great and addictive!!! MUST SEE!!!
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Sabres, Sorry, have not experienced the addiction of any of the shows listed.
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awwww come on. Not ever Prison Break? It's non stop cliff hangers and action! Well i love it. thanks for your opinion but to each their own :-P
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I have seen some of these but not all. good choices.
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My most favorite tv show has to be right now Stargate Atlantis.  basically anything that has to do with the Sci-Fi channel.
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My favorite comedy is the office...My favorite over all show is ghost hunters. But I also love friends and everybody loves Raymond.
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Rachele Grover
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My son and I would be lost with out The Ghost Hunters every Wednesday nights.
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I like the office and everybody loves raymond we need to talk more we have a lot of stuff in commen
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My favorite TV shows are Duel, Wizards of Waverly Place, other Disney Channel programs. I like Duel because it is challenging. I try to get the answer right with one chip for each question.  :)
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it would be: My wife and kids- law and order- greys anatomy- hope and faith- American gladiator. That's all I can remember for now..
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Criminal minds, and the NCIS group, I do like the CSI series, but only the original, the others I do not like.

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Ryann Movie lover , My favourite tv shows are, answered

The Golden Girls

The Facts of life

All in the family

I Dream Of Jeannie

The Incredible Hulk

Family Guy 


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I love to watch Animated series. My favorite TV shows are:-
Happy Tree Friends
Avatar The Last Airbender
Prince of Tennis
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My favorite tv show is
all csi
family guy
hannah montanah
wizard of waverly place
my wife and kids
all law and order
walking dead
amazing wedding cakes
cake boss
bad girls club
all real housewives
all american next top modle
american idle
all of i can think of

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