What Is Your Favorite Tv Show And Why?


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Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I can't pick one. This is a tough question for me as I love all kinds of shows. Comedy of Tim Allen, for sure, still watch Home Improvement, I love a good scary movie, action, family, all kinds of shows really. Deal or No Deal is good too. Hope this helps.
Love and Harmony Profile

I watch a lot of TV shows and I love them all, so it's very hard to choose a favorite. But I can say that the shows I love have mystery/thriller, a lot of intense drama, and romance. A few examples include
Switched at Birth, Jane the Virgin, etc. 
A few examples include
Beauty and the Beast, The Flash, The Originals, etc. 
I'm OK with watching Sci-Fi or supernatural TV shows as long as they are also part of the above mentioned genres. 

I also watch comedy, like Melissa and Joey, Baby Daddy, Young and Hungry, Friends, etc. 

Caleb Iamlegend Profile
Caleb Iamlegend answered
I don't have a favorite. I watch tons of shows cause there are so many good ones to watch it is hard to decide.
Maxine Ryans Profile
Maxine Ryans answered
The office.
I LOVE that show.
It is so funny and their awkwardness makes me laugh(:
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Anonymous answered
I've many of it and it's hard to decide.
But the show I like must have much intrigue or master mind/planner on it.
Kayla Thompson Profile
Kayla Thompson answered
Degrassi:the next generation. I like it cause its about teenage drama...situations everyone can relate to. It's an interesting show. Ive been watching it for many years now and i love it!
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Anonymous answered
I like to watch reality tv shows...Mine favorite reality tv shows are Girls next door and So you think you can dance...

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