What Are Your Favorite Movies?


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Charming Gurl answered
Its hard for me to chose 5 fav movies cuz i've watched maaaaaaany movies!!
Hmm.. I'll write what i can remember :)
the incredible hulk
prom night
pizza my heart
50 first dates
the french kiss
the others
10,000 BC
the princess diaries
deep blue sea
da vinci code
cheaper by the dozen
night at the museum
the messenger
saw (all parts)
she is the man
monster house
arthur and the invisible
iron man
the italian job
the triumph

ella enchanted
santa clause
thats all what i can remember :)
Elizabeth Mobley Profile
Ah man without a doubt grease, and a walk to remember, oh another good one second hand lions. I like all the john wayne ones too. I could go on and on about all the movies i like.
Zura Star Profile
Zura Star answered
Treasure Planet, Cellular, The Butterfly Effect, Secret Window, Ace Ventura, and the classic: Titanic.  There are many more, but those are my main favs ^.^
Your Worst Nightmare Ever Profile
I have a lot of favorites. For example , Titanic , Twilight , New Moon , The Vampire Diaries (anything to do with vampires and horror stuff) , the ring , The Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket , etc..
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walter jedyk answered
I have several favorites, spiderman avatar, casino etc.
Ang Self Profile
Ang Self answered

Well there are many I like but my favorites are Die Hard movies, Ice Age movies, Home Alone 1 & 2, Mrs Doubtfire, Grease, Frozen, love westerns, most especially John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Glen Ford, a few Clint Eastwoods, & Randolph Scott to name a few. 

I also love Disney & Pixar movies as well! I own over 2,000 including TV shows!

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suman kumar answered
My favorite movies are Avatar from hollywood, Taare Jameen par, 3 idiots form bollywood.
???????? Profile
???????? answered
Donnie Darko
Harold and Maude ( A friend told me about it a year ago!)
Let the Right One In
Shawn of the Dead
Romper Stomper
Rampage (you got to see this one)
Planet Terror
Reservoir Dogs
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Annie Devore answered
Old Ones.. Psycho With Anthony Perkins And  Gone With The Wind.. Newer Ones    Airplane.. Because It Hysterical.  Silence Of The Lambs.. Because I Love A Good Suspense Horror Movie.. I Love Titanic Because It Was Too Much When Jack Went Under The Water.. I Love All The Police Academy Movies.. So Funny I Cried  ..  Fave Horror Recent.. Probably Poltergeist.. I Love Anything Very Very Scary.. I Love Mostly Horror And Comedies.  Stephen King ..Like The Shining. Great Stuff
Not Online Anymore Profile

Home Alone 1 & 2, Pulp Fiction, Wedding Crashers, Super Troopers, Smokey and the Bandit, Airplane, Reservoir Dogs, The Expendables,

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