Do You Like Nancy Grace?


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Susan Bohl answered
I watch her on occasion, but I can only take her in small doses.  Sometimes, she grabs onto the tiniest little bit of evidence, and  becomes judge, jury and executioner.  She's been proven wrong enough times, to make me take what she says with a grain of salt.  She can be very, very rude to guests she has on her show, and cuts them off or talks over them if they don't agree with her.  My nephew dislikes her so much, he won't even comment, if her name is brought up.  My niece and I say watching Nancy Grace, can be a guilty pleasure.  I certainly have nothing against people who enjoy watching her show.
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I like that she does continue the press on issues some cover then forget about....She personally gets a tad bit extreme in her emotions when speaking and comes across as a little to dramatical for my taste...
Watching her too long gives me ANXIETY...   :)
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Don't even know who she is love, sorry.
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Cindy Thompson answered
She isn't my cup of tea. I've seen her but usually change the channel. Peace
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Debbie Simerly answered
I like Nancy Grace and watch her show 2 or 3 times a week.  She says what she thinks and makes no apologies for her sometimes (most times) :) "one-sided point of view."  But, considering her background as a prosecutor and violent crime survivor it is understandable.  TV needs strong women...may they enjoy good ratings, Nancy Grace, Judge Judy... 
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terry rossignol
terry rossignol commented
i started watching her when anna nicole died!!! she was great on keeping us up dated and right to the point!!!
Anonymous commented
I don't really like Nancy Grace but she's alright
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Lynne Dwyer answered
She does get the job done. In every annoying way. I can respect her drive, but there are times I would  deck her if given the chance.
Katrina Ferguson Profile
I like that she comes across that she truly cares mainly when it involves a child

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