What Is The Funniest Cartoon That You Like?


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Katrina Ferguson Profile
I like Tom and Jerry and Roadrunner
Livy Hall Profile
Livy Hall answered
I love Spongebob (OBVIOUSLY...!!!), also the Simpsons (which I have been watching from the day I was born :D) and (even though it's a bit babyish, me and my friends love watching it ---) POCOYO!!!! He's so cute and I love everything Stephen Fry is in. SF is not dreamy or anything, he's just so funny and his narration rocks!
Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
Definitely family guy, no competition.
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Brandi lol
Brandi lol commented
nope is this another show i should see too?
Chris ????
Chris ???? commented
Are you kidding me?! It's so funny!! It's a bit graphic in language and themes but so what? The more the better right?
Brandi lol
Brandi lol commented
right, i guess you'll have to watch it with me.
Leo Khan Profile
Leo Khan answered
I like family guy.
Chris ???? Profile
Chris ???? answered
Family Guy is my pick here. And I love Aqua Team Hunger Force as well.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I like, Family guy, Squidbillies, and The Aqua Teeen Hunger Force. I can't rightfully pick a favorite.
david Profile
david answered
I love the fintstones,yogi bear, tom and jerry,frog horn leg horn,the jetsons the chip monks oh yea not to forget charlie brown! I love all the old cartoons

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