What Would You Get On A Free Shopping Spree If You Could Only Keep What You Could Carry In Your Arms?


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Misty Simmons Profile
Misty Simmons answered
Shoes, clothes, more shoes,  makeup,  new laptop, and a hair straightener cuz my other one broke :(
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Depends on the type of shopping spree. Food, that would be meats, coffee and the makings, lol or computer stuff, pet supplies, all kinds of things that this shopping spree could be for. So, depends on what is available for the spree. ^_^
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
Meats, fabrics, ink, shampoo, animal food.
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John commented
Me i would go straight to the diamond rings and real gold bracelets you know carry it all in your arms. I figure about 3/4 -1 million would fit on my hands and arms. Then i would sell it all and put 90 percent in the bank and ten percent to the church.take that off my taxes and invest half in rotating cd's . Then retire.
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Monica Smith answered
Well there are many different shopping sprees. IDK I guess like jewelry...the real stuff and then probably try to sell it! Hmm then maybe gift cards....you could carry a lot of gift cards in your arms....but of course they would actually have to have some value. Other then that I would stick to the smaller stuff that has greater value.

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