Is Anyone Feeling As Heartbroken, As I Am, For The Children Of Michael Jackson?


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Regardless of who the father of his 3 children are, he is listed on each birth certificate & that shall hold up in court as no one has stepped forward in the past 7 years claiming to be their father.

Legalities aside: Hopefully Diana Ross will raise the children, as she's done a fine job with her own. [MJ bequeathed/willed them to her secondarily, if his mother is unable at age 79] Hopefully they will not have to drape cloths across their faces, making them feel different. Let them be themselves, and free to show themselves in public. Cloths across their faces make them stick out like a neon sign [abduct me for ransom]...‚ô•Nassy
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I am afraid his kids will be the ones to suffer the most. They will be in the medias more than ever, esp. With the news that he was not the bio dad, Debbie not the bio mom, etc.
I hope people remember this - these 3 kids have lost their daddy. I believe he loved them and wanted the best for them. These kids will have to grow up without a daddy, with all the speculation of who the bio daddy and mommy are, and all that. THey need to be protected because the media and other people can be so hurtful and cruel.
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Yes i do feel sad for his kid's i dont even know were they should go, i'm sad that he died, but before he died i didnt care about his music i never listened to his song's except for thriller, but now that he died i learend alot more about him and now i understand him i just thought he was this cray person who did funny dance move's and raped kids but now i looked at his interview's i dont think he raped kid's watched a bunch of his video's learned more about him on Mtv and VH1 classic, i learned a lesson, dont judge a book by it's cover, now i love him. I'm just sad i didnt care for him when he was alive also for his kids
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You are 100% correct. My husband and I remember when he and his brothers were discovered at the talent show at the Apollo. We watched him grow up and change so drastically. It was sad to watch his transformations. His talent/creativity will never be matched. I chose not to believe the child molestation charges. He always had a deep love and concern for children of all walks and all nations. I was certain that he meant nothing sick by his actions, even as odd as they were at times.
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His mind just didn't operate like the "norm" and a lot of people never took that into consideration. He looked at life through an entirely different set of glasses, but I believe his heart was always full of love, especially for children.
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I do too, imagine just innocent children's father dies. How sad. I would be heartbroken if it happened to me.
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Yeah, I do, they are going to go through Hedoublehockey sticks growing up, because they might think that they can make another group of kids famous.

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