Who Is Britney Spears?


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    She is a famous person she writes really cool songs. Like circus and womanizer. Her cds blackout and circus are the best she has ever made. Paparazzi keeps he locked in her house like a prisoner. Or as if she is a jail house. She cant even walk out of her own house without someone taking pictures of her.
     She will be going on european tour in 2009 and will probably be back in 2010. She has a concert in Boston,Massachussetts. Her tickets go on sale for $75 each!
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Hey that is not true she is a really dumb singer wich i hate right man
Shay Fonner
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Dont listen to milly she's the best in the history of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Milly, she's a really cool singer with lots of lovely songs! Listen to her, it'll remind you!
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She is a brilliant singer she has sang lots of songs like Baby one more time,
  seek amy and her album is called black out it is really good!
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She is a famous singer and she is also famous for other things.
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Britney Spears is the Princess of Pop and most influential singer.
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She's a pop singer. Her more recent songs are "Break the Ice" and "Womanizer" you've probably also heard "Toxic" on the radio.
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She is a pop princess she is very talented and has a great southern accent and her voice is beautiful,
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She is a good singer, her voice is amazing. Search for her on Google. You might find out a few words about her. Or a few paragraphs, as long as you recieve a lot of information about her. Why not check out Womanizer by Britney Spears on Youtube?
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Britney spears is the most beautiful and Innocent woman in this hole world. People says a lot of bad things about her but u musn't believe everything u heare.

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