Who Likes The Twilight Series?


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I rather love Twilight. I have read the novel over and over again. It is indeed a kind of its own and all the credit goes to the author Stephenie Meyer. Her idea is unique and her portrayal of the characters is outstanding. I have also read the other novels in the series like New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. They all live up to the standards set up by Twilight.

I am also a big fan of the movie based on the novel. I saw it twice in the cinema and I am sure going to watch it again. It is the best!

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~ Kelly ~ answered
I like the twilight series
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Love the series!
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Autumn Nahamko answered
Oh, I do, I absolutely love the series, I myself am only on eclipse, but I think it is
still the most amazing book in the whole entire universe.
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I do and it is awesome. Bella gets married and every thing. Read the whole series in order. If u dont read it i will provoke the vampires and blame you.
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I've never read it and I never will. People get wrapped up in that stupid vampire saga and lose what's really important to them. I don't read series. Never read Harry Potter or Twilight and I never will. I choose to write my own books.
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Im a twilight addict!!!!!and it just keeps on getting better..i cant wait for the 20th november for new moon to come out on cinema
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I adore ittil the last scene.its amazing btw no wonder that robert is cute and sweet (he works as a model since he was 12).he said in an interview that his celeb crush was on kristin stewart his co-star.check out the following pic!
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I love twilight! Maybe i have a problem. But the moral of the story which is forbidden love just attracts me and i cant seam to stop obsessing over edward and emmett! I also have read all the books. They are brilliant! Stephenie meyer is an artist.
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I love Twilight, read all 4 books, and saw the movie 4 times in 9 days.  I have a poster of Edward in my room, as well as the calendar and the movie companion book.  Cannot wait for the dvd to come out.

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