Do People Care As Much About The Lives Of Celebrities As The Media Thinks?


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I can only speak for myself...I could care less about who is cheating on who and which celebrity wore a red dress that was cut to her navel to the awards ceremony.  I "may" buy one of the gossip rags once or twice a year if I am going camping and want something to read that is time consuming and nothing else.  If they took them all off the market, I would probably not even know it unless someone told me.  All I care about regarding entertainers (singers/dancers/actors/comedians etc) is whether or not they are good at their craft.  The rest is personal and I have no need to know if one of Jonas boys is dating my next door neighbor.  I simply do not care that he is or is not.
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Very good question ! I personally don't care about the lives of celebs, if it wasn't for the media
it would not be such a big deal. Should you I be a victim of a scandal it would be over in a day.
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I, too, can only speak for myself. I personally do not care about what goes on in the lives of celebrities, and I abhor the media.
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Ratings..ratings..ratings...If mrs. Jones were famous and her cat was stuck in a tree ...the media will be all over it "Live" and stuff it down our
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Unfortunately many people do, unbelievable as it is. I guess it gets people away from their monotonous and deprived lives. It allows for daydreaming or a vicarious living.
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I venture to guess from the 'ratings' that the answer is yes. I, personally, don't care about such things, which is probably why I spend a lot of time on question and answer sites. I know my sister seems to be very interested in every little detail.

I believe that the majority of people think they are somehow missing something in their lives, so they look for it in the stories about other people, a form of living vicariously, possibly.
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Do People Care As Much About The Lives Of Celebrities As The Media Thinks?
I personally couldnt care less about all the Celebrity shananagans. But Media is just like anything in life, its not about how well you do, its about who you know.  So it doesnt matter if its a wonderful story written and filmed flawlessly and a normal person, if they throw around big names even a crappy story can sell better. And unfortunately some people do follow every little detail in celebs lives. I think if those people spent more time worrying and caring about their families and the people around them this world would be a better place. But people are never happy with what they have, so a piece of them wishes they could have that fame *sigh*. Being famous, apart from the money, cant be that great.  Imagine having NO privacy in your own life.

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