What Is The Best Three Movies You Have Watched In The Past Year? Why Did You Like Them?


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Avatar, gran torino, and OBSESSED! [fave movies]
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I like old school movies so License To Drive, Look Who's Talking and Teen Wolf Two with Jason Bateman. And I like these movies because they're from the eighties.

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Twilight , because it shows us how to sacrifice. Harry Potter (well , all of them , because it's fun) and lastly , er....hmm...2012 for no reason. LOL
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Mirrors, Drag Me To Hell and Rosemary's Baby - I know that one is older but I just saw it so it was new to me lol Not totally scary but an excellent idea for a movie.
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I watch alot of good movies so I can't tell you which ones were the best, but if you're looking for some good suggestions, I'd recommend "What Dreams May Come",  "Death Race", "Suspect"...I guess it depends mostly on the genre you're looking for.
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1.) Law Abiding Citizen-Great story line and amazing acting
2.) Avatar-Just a great action/love story to me
3.) Pineapple Express- Great comedy...no matter how many times I watch it...I laugh until I cry! =)
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Thanks I have seen Law Abiding Citizen and Pineapple Express and I will have to say Pineapple Express may be the funniest comedy I ever watched. Thanks for the answer
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=) n.p
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Here are three that I have seen within the past 12 months, and I can't tell you exactly why I like them; I just did:

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