How Did Justin Bieber Get His Own Category On Blurtit?


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Well, it wasn't talent, that's for sure. Merely popularity.
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G'day Socrates,

Thank you for your question.

It is based on number of questions. We have had quite a few.

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Who the bloody hell is Justin Bieber?On tv,a boy band or what.Am i just too deaf not to have heard of him?
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Merlin Paine
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No he is so obscure to me that if I had not joined this blog I probably would not have known about him. It is a bit of a phenomenon on blurtiti.
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They should have their own website, devoted to Q&A about him, only.
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SOOOO many people ask questions about Justin Bieber that it's not funny.
So clearly, it must be the more questions the more likely it is to be a category.

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I'd say because he has so many questions and the children are so obsessed with him, there's video of a 3 yr old crying about him on youtube, and the fact that so many younger people are joining this site.  I like to think of this as an adult site, not porn, but adult content and discussion.
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I am all for them having their own category.  That way it will not clutter up the site and make it difficult to find questions that are deserving of our time....personal opinion.
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Well so many people are asking so many questions about him that its starting to get really annoying so im guessing that all those questions being asked is how/why he has his own category on blurtit.
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Not to offend anyone liking him but i'm so Justin Bieber'ed out i could scream! I dont even know a thing about him but i do know tons of people want his phone # his address & his e-mail & by the way will he marry the questioners?

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