What Is Your Favourite Driving Song?


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Anonymous answered
Stranglehold by Ted Nugent. Nice long song, great solo's.
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james caison answered
Gotta be one of classic rocks all time favorites!
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John answered
I go with more of a radio talk show than music while driving. What i like to do is play audio adrenaline "never going to be as big as jesus" when i pull up next to someone playing rap music/any loud music (you know boom boom cars,ground pounders).they usually roll their windows up and turn their stereo down.it's funny.if i had the money i would put in a ground pounder system and play some kirk franklin i'll take you there and let the bass shake the kid in the lane,and let the kid  next to me hear some real music as the bass bounces his car sideways.hahahahahahahaha.
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Sarah answered
I dont have one yet :(
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Well, I  don't drive..yet..although I do drive people crazy.  But um while I'm riding in the car, I love to listen to Taylor Swift.
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walter jedyk answered
Actually i don't mind country tunes, but the odd few dance tunes, as well as hiphop music.
I really don't have ant variable favorites, but i do love music in general.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
My CD of Taiko Drumming.  I really love
the thunder drum (about the size of a VW)
it makes the whole car shake.  One of
the few times I crank the volume to
as loud as it'll go.
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Annie Devore answered
"Won't Go Home Without You" By  Maroon Five Or "KIWi" A Naughty Song By Maroon Five..But I Play Josh Groban ,Keith Urban, Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken, And Gary Allen When I Drive.. Depends On The Mood I Am In.I Have Around 60 CDS And A Different One Goes In My Car Every Time I Drive.. I Tap My Fingers On The Wheel And My Foot To The Tunes.. Not My Driving Foot And Not On The Pedal..I Have All Types Of Music..Even Savage Garden And Darren Hayes..
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suman kumar answered
Mariya by ricky martin, i always play that song and i have the same song as my ringtone in my mobile.

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