What Will Dennis Hopper Be Best Remembered For?


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Probably Easy Rider, but I would think enough people would remember him as one of the few who seemed to call the shots and did things his way.
A little crazy and often on the edge, as creepy as he could be funny but very much one of a kind.
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He Was Wicked In" Speed"  When He Was Driving Keanu Reeves Nuts To Try And Save Annie In The Bus...  And In Easy Rider He Was Grand.  A Lot Of His Characters Were Nasty And Almost Creepy.. I Grew Up Watching Different Strokes.. Gary Coleman Had A Stressful Life..Did He Have Several Health Problems Because Of His Height?
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A really good actor
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He'll definitely be remembered for "Easy Rider",a great actor and one who'll be sadly missed
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From dying of a cancer that could have  prevented.that and being a old school actor.but where is your question about arnold(gary coleman passed away at 42 years old). I noticed no one even mentioned him today.
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Thanks Nomad. Good point,
William Harkin
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I've just heard that Gary Coleman has died.What shame,he had a lot to deal with
Mary Ann Cassidy
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I think Gary did well as a child actor, but as he matured, he developed Health and emotional problems. He had a reputation as sometimes having a nasty streak.
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Wasn't he in Apocolypse now?   The photographer..He was in a good twilight zone episode also...he was starting a movement (cult following) just like hitler did...
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So sorry to hear that he has died, probably remembered most for his performnance in Easy Rider but I although think he was great in Rebel without a Cause and other movies too many to mention.
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He was a good actor for sure....But I have mixed feelings as to why he would divorce his wife, just before he knew he was about to die.
Do U think he did it for a good reason, or not ?
If anything.....at least he made sure he didn't go thru several years of divorce proceedings !!
It's a shame he died of a disease that might have been prevented.
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I liked him in easy rider. He had a "wing nut" but sophisticated persona that appealed to me, almost like an experienced Nicholas Cage.
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For me probably Hoosiers or Easy Rider. I admired his love of life and his F. U. Attitude towards conformity.
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I'm not sure.  My first memory of him was when he played a lame Deputy on Gunsmoke years ago. I watched him from then on because I thought he was very talented.

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