What is the best song you have heard? I mean you all! I want to download some new and cool songs. So what is your idea?


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tony baloney Profile
tony baloney answered
'coppers' by rancid
'bohemian like you' by the dandy Warhol's
Maria Not Telling Profile
Hotel room service by pitbull
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Moo C.
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You want to try something i tend to do mostly with ace, it's not really support, it's more like watch funny tv shows together on the internet, it's not support, but he and i have turned some really bad days into really good ones by doing this
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Look up: Deja vu by inna
and: I wish by skee-lo
Guy BOB Profile
Guy BOB answered
Anyyhing by Underoath, Asking Alexandria, Disturbed, Killswitch Engage and Slipknot.
alexia smith Profile
alexia smith answered
The hoosiers- cops and robbers-
avril lavinge-happy ending-
beyonce- beautiful nightmare
anything by mcfly
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amanda antes answered
The best of the newer songs, I would have to say Shinedown's Crow and the Butterfly, Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts, Catch Without Arms from Dredg and A Perfect Circle's Thirteen Minutes

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