Do you prefer watching a movie at home or going to a movie theater? Pop corn or candy?


5 Answers

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Depends on whats showing and a huge box of popcorn over candy anyday
Janey Profile
Janey answered
~A movie at home with my other half,preferably romantic.

Candy as i'm not keen on popcorn.
danielle montpetit Profile
A movie at home...and I prefer both. I'm a sweet and love salt at the time kind of person. Movies at home are much more comfortable and you don't feel the need to pig out on junk food while at the theater. Then again at the theater back in Minnesota where I used to live had ice cream so I'd just get ice cream. =)
Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
I haven't been to the movies for 22yrs, I used to love going to the movies, I always had a big bucket of popcorn. These days we watch movies at home, and have pizza, chicken wings or a Chinese meal, but I must admit I miss going to the movies, as you can't beat the big screen.

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