Is anyone else disappointed with the new season ( season 7 pt 2 ) of Doctor Who? Is it the change of writers or perhaps the addition of his new companion Clara?


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Kim Snowling , Huge Doctor Who fan., answered

I would agree that I am a little disappointed with the current series of Doctor Who.  I have always enjoyed the stories of what the doctor gets up to and out of, however there is a clear difference between the writers.  I have always enjoyed the episodes by Steven Moffat,

Blink and The Library are particularly thrilling as  I have found that they are more edgy and maybe for an older audience.  However now that he is Head Writer things have not been so exciting.  I do find it quite frustrating when the writers regurgitate old enemies time after time and this series has not done that which I have found quite refreshing, till now, Cybermen Surprise! I must admit that writing for this show must be quite hard as it has been running for so long, to come up with new exciting ideas must be quite challenging.

In saying that I am a HUGE fan and will always watch it.  My Dad introduced me to the Doctor at a young age and we have watched it together ever since, even now that I no longer live with him we still discuss the episodes and how the Doctor is going to survive.  I guess the Doctor holds a lot of sentimental value to me to.

As with everyone I have 'my' Doctor which is Sylvester McCoy, I can remember cuddling up to my Dad on the sofa peering through my fingers hoping that everything was going to be ok.  As always the Doctor always provails it is the poor companions that suffer!

I have enjoyed every Doctor since then, of course David Tennant was amazing along with Billie Piper and Catherine Tate they both were brilliant, I loved Donna she was an awesome companion.

I am unsure what I think about the new companion Clara, the Doctor seems obsessed with the fact she is some kind of time anomaly.  However she seams to me to be another companion who will fall in love with the Doctor, I find that quite a tired story line too.  I think that is why Donna and Amy worked so well as they both were not interested (well Amy eventually.)

Bottom line, I love the Doctor and will always watch it, they just need a revamp in baddies. 

I have always said that as a one off show (maybe a children in need or christmas special) that the Doctor should regenerate as a woman and have a man companion.  Just for the one show, they could make it quite funny.

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That's reassuring, I was begining to fell like a traitor. My husband says that by the 3rd or 4th episode with a new companion, the pace and chemistry should be established and flow. With that quota in mind I am having trouble being optimistic this season. I was crushed when Amy and Rory left, in denial for a few weeks really. That sounds corny and pathetic, but I have become emotionally invested in this show over the past few years.

I agree Donna, Amy and Rory, were all excellent companions as they had their own things going on. They were great characters on their own, and could stand on their own. I also REALLY enjoyed the episodes with River Song. In my opinion Season 5 and 6 were some of the BEST in a long while. The storytelling was so fluid and enthralling. It was new Doctor Who absolutely, but I think the writing really amped up the series.

I noticed Moffat isn't actively writing most of the stories this year and unfortunately I think it's a profound mistake. The Doctor seems to be somewhat preoccupied with Clara's inability to actually "exist", but the reason/s why are rarely explored. The whole Clara story arc is a bit convoluted and instead of her being this "impossible girl" I just find her impossibly boring.
It's sad as she started off so promising in the Asylum of Daleks episode. It's almost painful to listen and to watch the two of them share banter and dialoug as if they're bouncing an irrelevant ping pong ball back and forth. YAWN. That's a bit harsh but I am getting mad just thinking about it.
I long for the days of Rose, and Donna, even Sarah's reappearance.
I am holding out hope, if not for the remainder of Season 7, then for next year. I don't think Clara will be back unless the story starts becoming more endearing to the audience. I really like Matt Smith, even if there were initial hesitations on my part, he has been growing on me.
Like many Americans I was largely unaware of Doctor Who until I was an adult. I vaguely remember being exposed to the Doctor series long ago, but it never took hold in our house. Now that I have found it, and become so enchanted by it I am having a lot of trouble taking my disapointment sitting down. My son even dressed as the Doctor for Halloween in 2012! He loves the show so much as well so I am going to be optimistic for both of us, and see where this season leads. Fingers crossed!

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