"Tadaaaaaaaa" is a TV show reference from what show?


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Tim Cook answered

I don't think the word "tadaaaaaa!" is associated with one TV show in particular, as least not in the US or the UK, as far as I know.

The nonsense word 'tadaaaaa!' is often used as an expression when unveiling a hidden object, perhaps a gift, or revealing some surprise news. If it is associated with any TV shows at all, it would be with old shows based around magicians. A magician might cry 'tadaaaa!' when pulling a rabbit out of a hat, for example.

Perhaps the show was a comedy or drama based around magicians or magic tricks, such as 1970s UK kids' shows like Ace of Wands or Rentaghost.

Tadaa was the name of a US short film made in 2012, but this was a crime adventure story, rather than anything to do with magic.

Here's a brief example from YouTube of a famous TV character using the word:

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