What exactly is a "Bond Girl"?


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In short, a Bond girl is the main love interest or sex interest portrayed by a female character in a James Bond movie.

There have been many Bond girls over the years, and here's a quick guide on what I think it takes to be one:

Speak another language and have an accent

Bond girls are always exotic and mysterious. Whether she speaks Russian, Japanese, French or just English with a posh British accent - you can always tell a Bond girl apart as soon as she opens her mouth.

(Kissy Suzuki from 'You Only Live Twice')

Play hard to get

Although James Bond always gets the girl in the end, they never make it easy for him.

They play hard to get and aren't even always on the same team as 007.

(Pam Bouvier in "License to Kill)

Hit the gym and visit a shooting range

If there's one thing all Bond girls have in common, it's that they're fit and athletic. Unlike the lead female character in other movies, these girls know how to look after themselves, and usually know their way around a semi-automatic firearm too.

(Xenia from Goldeneye)

Don't forget your makeup bag

But despite all the riding speedboats, surviving explosions and bungee jumping off giant dam walls - a Bond girl will always emerge looking pretty much immaculate, with perfect makeup and carefully styled hair.

Therefore, a makeup bag is essential - and is also a great place to conceal a small handgun.

(Honeychile Rider from Dr. No)

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