What kind of music helps you focus?


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Believe it or not, my focus music is Metallica and "... And justice for all" album... :)

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Yo Kass
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lol interesting choice!
Evan Andle
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Look for audio tracks designed exactly for that. There are various kinds: brain entrainment, bi-naural, isochronic. Some of better than others. Search for Dr. Jeffrey Thompson: he is a leader and well recognized for his audio trcaks being proven to help all kinds of mental functions: focus, attention, sleep, energy, lucid dreaming and on and on.
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Ah yeah that would make sense, I didn't even consider that there would be music designed with this purpose in mind. Will have to look this guy up!
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Sometime's I like listening to piano music, only when I really want to focus on something. Or trendy music like Lorde, and other music like that.

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Anything good from any genre. I have to keep most music quiet, though. My parents don't like rock.

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