What Kinds Of Music Is Played During Mardi Gras Festivities?


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Mostly ZYDECO!!! I am from New Orleans, or you can get some CD's from the French Quarter...kinda hard to find on iTunes. Try getting "Mardi Gras Mambo" or "Hey Pocky Way" by The Meters. That should put you right back to where you were on Fat Tuesday!

P.s. The people who answered you before are totally wrong, because people in the Caribbean play steel drums, there is no spiritual music, and there is no such thing as creole music. But it is usually loud and a good time is had by all.
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Lots of all types of music since many musicians got there start in new orleans,blues,jazz,rock and roll,spiritual etc. And a good time had by all.....
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I've never been to one but I'm guessing music whatever it may be is very loud. I'm sure they play jazz and the still drums kreole kind of music

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