What Kind Of Jobs Involve Music?


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There are numerous jobs that involve music in some shape or another, the most obvious of which would be: A performing musician, DJ, studio musician, composer, sound engineer and producer.

There are lots of other jobs in the music industry that also involve music, for example: Promoters, booking agents, band managers, music supervisors, music teachers, music advertising, music therapists, radio DJ and many more!
The list could be endless. The music industry is a huge collection of companies that involve recording, performing, promoting and selling music. Not all the jobs are directly involved with creating or performing music but there are numerous opportunities working within a music-orientated environment.
  • Musicians: DJs, artists, studio musicians. Composers, producers, sound engineers etc.
  • Other music industry jobs: Booking agents, promoters, band managers, music teachers, music supervisors, advertising, music therapist, and radio DJs!


Carving out a career for yourself in the music industry can be difficult due to the sheer volume of competition for places in the business. Studying the relevant subjects at school or college;maintaining a keen interest in music and building a network of contacts will always help you get a foot in the door.

It doesn't matter if you prefer to compose and perform music or have an interest in the business aspect. The industry is vast and you should be able to find a position that suits you if you are determined enough.
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Working as DJ. Working at rollerskating rink, Working at club
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The obvious jobs of being a performer. There are also jobs in the promotion, ticket sales, booking,
agents (finding performers jobs) the whole recording industry, from sound man up to lawyers for
the recording labels.

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