Does anyone know any good magcon fanfics?


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Amanda Layne answered
There's a bunch of Magcon fanfic on Wattpad.

Just search the site using the 'magcon' tag, and you'll find a pretty big list of stories to read:

One of my friends also runs a dedicated Magcon Twitter account which you might be into...

And I can also recommend that people seeking Magcon fanfic take a look at a story called "Catching Feelings"

It doesn't mention becoming Viners or anything like that, but the writing is really great and captures the Magcon boys really well. It's kind of an addictive read, which is a problem because it's got 11 parts so far, but doesn't get updated all that often.

Anyway, it's on Wattpad too, so have a look there as a I said before.

And if you like Magcon you will find me on there from time to time, so hit me up! :) x

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