Why did Ziva leave NCIS?


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Arthur Wright answered

money and contract issues

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Ziva was dropped from NCIS when the actress playing her (Cote de Pablo) decided not to renew her contract.

I shared this question on Facebook, and the replies I got were:

  • She's making a movie called 33. It's about the miners that were trapped. Look on IMDB.
  • She moved on... She wanted something diferent for her life and career... Actors come and go... She is on movies now... Wish her well
  • Because Cote quit. Ziva isn't real
They pretty much some up Cote de Pablo really: she's a professional actress who has enjoyed a good run with NCIS, but it looks like it's now her time to move on.
You never know, she might come back for a special guest appearance some day!

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