What album do you listen to every day?


8 Answers

Keely Ford Profile
Keely Ford answered

Let it go from the movie Frozen.

nazia ali Profile
nazia ali answered

Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" cd or any cd by the great Michael Jackson!         

Tiffany Country Profile
Tiffany Country answered

So over you by Auburn

J-- C-- Profile
J-- C-- answered

I'm beyond the point of listening to a particular album every day.

For me, that ended with Dark Side of the Moon ( a LONG time ago)

ly fen chen Profile
ly fen chen answered

I like to listen to the old songs from the 1960 to 1980, my favorites are: Bee Gees, Beatles, Lobo, Simon and Garfunkle.

Jennifer Dalive Profile
Jennifer Dalive answered

Not an album but I listen to taylor swift's music every single day

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