What is the best TV series?


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Taylor Brookes Profile
Taylor Brookes answered

My favourites are Charmed, Sherlock, The Big Bang Theory, The Event (which was cancelled half-way through), How I Met Your Mother, Friends, The Last Leg, Mock The Week, Catfish: The TV Show, Top Gear and Red Dwarf.

Samantha Banks Profile
Samantha Banks , Cats , answered

I love cats a lot more than school

Vaibhav Makar Profile
Vaibhav Makar answered

Its all up to personal opinion, but my favourites are Castle, White Collar and Suits. BBT and HIMYM are great too if you haven't seen them.

Adria  Abbott Profile
Adria Abbott answered

Some of my personal favourites are: Doctor who, Sherlock, How I Met Your Mother, The Big
Bang Theory and Family Guy.

Izzy SouthernGirl Profile

Once Upon A Time.

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