What is Dashiexp quiz?


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A DashieXP quiz is a series of questions based around the life and times of comedian and internet celebrity, DashieXP.

Questions about dashieXP might include:

  • What is dashieXP's real name?
  • Which country is he originally from?
  • In which US state does dashieXP live?
  • Where might you find dashieXP's skit about teacher pop quizzes?
  • Why are there so many questions about dashieXP on Blurtit?
If, as part of this quiz, you need answers relating to questions about dashieXP, then check out Blurtit for pages like: What is Dashiexp job? or What is DashieXP's cell phone number?

And if you come across the question "Who does dashieXP fight with in his 200th YouTube film?" then one of dashieXP's most popular YouTube clips can provide the answer:

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