What is DashieXP's age?


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DashieXP, whose real name is Charly G├║zman, is a Dominican (he is now living in South Florida) YouTube star famous for his parodies on celebrities, and funny remarks on all sorts of subjects: From being lazy to the funny facts behind computer games like Mortal Kombat and cartoons such as Super Mario, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Dora The Explorer (the list goes on and on).

According to his profiles both on YouTube and Facebook, he was born on June 11th of 1985 which makes him 29 years old.

If you feel like knowing more about DashieXP, like the story behind his nickname, his most famous videos, which other artists he collaborates with or even the name of his chihuahua, check this other answer here on Blurtit:


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DashieXP is 29 years old, he was born on 11th June 1985 (which makes him a Gemini). He was born in the Dominican Republic but moved to Florida when he was just eight years old and still lives there.

Charly Guzman became DashieXP on YouTube by taking the name of a rap band he and some friends had previously formed, and adding to it the name of the Windows platform, XP.

I think a lot of respect has to be given to this guy because he has gone from nothing to a YouTube star with a huge following, in a short space of time. He may not be to everyone's taste, but that doesn't mean that we can't all envy his fame and fortune, and respect him for coming up with a concept that clearly works...

It's a strange thing to me (and my generation I guess) that people can so easily make a name for themselves online. My daughter follows some YouTubers. So much so that her Christmas list was made up of t shirts, posters, bracelets, etc. from one of their merchandise store.

Hmm, if he has made himself famous as DashieXP, do you think LynnieB has a ring to it? I'll sort out the merchandise account :-)

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