What is Dashiexp's job?


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What is DashieXP's job? Why, he's a comedian, of course! Although he has tried other occupations, such as being a rapper, and on one occasion, he even tried to be a chef!

That's no ordinary pizza DashieXP is cooking up, it's a pizza with cereal toppings. Everyone knows pizza and breakfast foods are the best sorts of food, so it's amazing no one ever came up with the idea before.

DashieXP has a flair with food, as he demonstrated in his rap song 'Best Rap Song Ever', in which he raps about his love of milk, soda, chips and cookies, such as Oreos. His favorite soda seems to be Mountain Dew which I always thought tastes of nothing, but who am I to argue with the 'Best Rap Song Ever'?

I don't think DashieXP will get another job though, if the lyrics to his 'Lazy Anthem' are anything to go by:

So, forget that, let me just rap
It would take a lot of energy to punch back
Oh, and besides I gotta walk BB
I'll do it in a little cuz I'm tryna watch TV
Oh bother, my favorite show just came on
I would cook something but I lost my apron
It's the only reason I've lost a lil weight
When I think about moving my body is like WAIT
(Uhhm, are you sure about this?)

To enjoy more of dashieXP's culinary skills, watch this, just one of his many YouTube hit videos:

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Joao Braz answered

There are several ways to refer to DashieXP. Some call him a rapper, others a YouTube sensation and some say he´s just a compulsive gamer who's been making a living out of filming himself playing video games while commenting on its idiosyncrasies.

Having had a search through his profiles on Facebook and YouTube I learned that what started as a joke account he set up, when challenged by his friends, is now a social media movement that has seen DashieXP

gain several hundred thousands of subscribers and almost one hundred million views so far!

This makes me think this Youtube gig is what he does full time now, so what's his job title?I'd say "Youtube comdeian"

By the way, his YouTube profile alone is estimated to be worth $1855 according to:

For other information on the DashieXP phenomenon, feel free to click on the link below where you'll find all sorts of trivia about him and also some info on the best way to contact him:


I hope this helped!

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