Is Fury based on a true story?


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In a sense, Fury is based on a true story, but not an individual one.  In fact, Fury was created from a collection of true stories provided by military veterans, and was compiled to make one film.

It's important to note, however, that many films claim to be "based on a true story".  
That's not to say that these films aren't loosely inspired by real life events, but this statement generally used as a marketing tool to increase emotion. 

Take horror films, for example.  

What's scarier - a film about an axe wielding maniac that is a fabrication of the writer's imagination, or a film about an axe wielding maniac that's based on real life events? I'd certainly go with the latter.

Interesting facts about Fury

  • Outfits within the films were inspired by museum exhibits of real life uniforms.
  • Shia Labeouf pulled out his own tooth, and didn't shower for the entire filming schedule. 
  • The cast had to undergo a month's worth of boot camp training prior to filming.
  • The cut on Bible's face is real.  Shia Labeouf cut himself on purpose to bring a sense of realism to the film.
  • Brad Pitt has now been involved in three WW2 films.  The first two were Inglorious Basterds and Seven Years in Tibet.

Here's the official trailer for Fury:

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