Is the Hunger Games based on a true story?


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So a country set up as a tyrannical dictatorship that forces several regions of the country to have children compete, to the death, to see which region will be rewarded with "Government sanctioned Food Aid"?

Are you really asking this question seriously?

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Danae Hitch answered

No, however all these problems can be experienced in real life. 

- Class inequity
- Food shortages
- Insufficient education + training
- Population control through imports/exports
- Threat of nuclear war
- People from other districts, or maybe we should call them ethnic groups, fighting to survive

Suzanne Collins wrapped these themes up in a story about a shining Capitol filled with silly people who only concern themselves with frivolous things.  They never have to worry about their children starving or having to make unthinkable decisions in order to survive.  These Capitol people even turn the sufferings of others into entertainment.

The majority of the people who can afford to read the book and see the movie will probably never experience chronic hunger or the life and death choices that Katniss is forced to make.  However, what we don’t experience we can at least understand.  This is no fantasy story, this is real.

Every day people around the world are forced make the choices that Katniss makes.  Many of them are her age and younger, making it all the more tragic.  Children and young teenagers must fight like Katniss fights and die like her friends die.

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