Who is Marichuy going to get married to after her divorce with Juan Miguel?


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That's the question we are all asking! "Don't mess with an Angel / Cuidado con el Ángel" is a Mexican soap for those who don't know, and it has many twists and turns.

Marichuy is married to Juan Miguel but has found out (in a dream) that he is the person who attacked her when she was living on the streets at the age of 14. She finds out she is pregnant and runs away with her adoptive mother.

She meets a man named El Leopardo (The Leopard) who gives her a home and falls in love with her. When she gives birth, he wants to marry her and take on the child as his own, but Marichuy tells him she is married to another man and only sees him as a friend.

However, El Leopado does not give up and starts to win her over but he then finds out who she is married to, and it turns out that he went to school with Juan Miguel! The two men both try to win her love so we don't know who Marichuy will choose.

I think that she will decide on The leopard, but maybe there is another twist, and she will meet another man! I don't know what will happen, but I am excited to find out. What do you think she will do? Will she go ahead with the divorce?

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