Is the song Take me to Church a bad song?


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"Take me to church" is a song by Irish soloist Hozier.  It's not a bad song as such, but it's certainly not about going to church!

Hozier states that it is not an attack on faith but he adds that it is "a bit of a losing your religion song."

Hozier wrote the song after a break up with a girlfriend and it is therefore both a love song and a song about contemplating sin. Hozier also says that he was inspired by the late Christopher Hitchens, an atheist song writer, so there is possibly some non-Christian elements to the song.

The lyrics are more strange than blasphemous to be honest, but if you are a religious person I really don't think this song will appeal to you.

However, some people love it apparently, as it was the most streamed track globally on Spotify in 2014.

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