I heard the singing of Lizzy Hale after she was featured on a song of Lindsey Stirling's and I liked her vocals and want to hear more. What are some great songs from Halestorm?


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Good songs from Halestorm, they're all good! They've just recently put out a new album. Familiar Taste of Poison is a good one....if you ever get a chance to see them live, do it, really good show.

I Miss the Misery


Love Bites

Break In

I Am the Fire

I'm Not an Angel

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Oh yes, I'm a huge fan. I was first exposed to them at a Godsmack and Staind concert, had never heard of them before that....holy cow they blew the other bands off the stage! I was a fan after the first song! Lzzy is an amazing vocalist! Go to YouTube to hear some of the others!
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Thank you, I will. There are only two other bands I enjoy in this genre: Within Temptation and Evanescence. With the information you have provided, I hope to add Halestorm to my favorites!
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you're welcome! Familiar Taste of Poison has to be one of my favs....enjoy!

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