What's the most expensive or treasured thing your pet has destroyed?


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We had a beautiful set of antique mixing bowls that belonged to Mr. Happy's grandmother.  "Had" is the operative word there.  The entire nested set mysteriously fell to the kitchen floor and shattered.

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About 18 years ago, our 3 month old puppy escaped his crate in the middle of the night, got into my wife's closet and chewed EVERY pair of her shoes, boots and sneakers beyond wearability. She drove and walked into Walmart in her stocking feet and bought a pair of sneakers to wear to work.

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PJ Stein
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Oh my! We had a puppy that would eat my husband's left shoes. After the 3rd one he finally learned to put them in the closet when he got home.
HappyTo BeHereTo
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True. Save the blame game for gas.
Ancient Hippy
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This is what I used to tell my kids when the dog would chew something of theirs:
We, as humans, have a much larger and better functioning brain than dogs. WE must keep our stuff secure from the dog. If we don't, and he chews it, we have no one to blame but ourselves.
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 NuWhile my husband was serving overseas he would call daily. The way he could do that was we had a  cell phone that had a local number to the comnand center, which was 150 miles away. I ran out to run an errand, but forgot my phone. When I got home it was in really bad shape.  I quickly drove down to the provider and explained how I needed to keep the number. (This was before keeping your number was a given) Thankfully I got a new phone and it was in service before my husband called that afternoon. (It was evening for him and he was ending his shift.)

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Hi, my little dog Benny was very energetic. He loved jumping
around. One day while trying to jump on the sofa, he accidentally broke my mother’s flower vase. She received
it as a gift from her friend. It was one of the expensive vases that you can find in Dubai.
My mother was so angry!

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