How Can I Put Music On The Disney Mix-Max?


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Disney's Mix Max is a blend of MP3 and video player targeted toward pre-teens but admired by most youngsters. You can also call it a lightweight and cuter version of a Video iPod. The player comes with a 512MB memory but can be further expanded up to 2 with the help of an SD/MMC card.

Disney supplies preloaded content in the form of MixClips, which is an album full of protected WMA tracks. To put music on the Disney Mix-Max, you can use the mini USB cord which comes along with the player. Plug the MixMax into your computer with the help of the USB cable, and you will see another drive for your Mix-Max, along with the other drives in your computer. Now all you need to do is to simply "drag and drop" your MP3 files from your music folder onto the Mix Max. The battery life which is enough to last a movie can last longer for music.

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