How to mix songs like a DJ?


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DJ's (disc jockeys) use various techniques in order to mix separate songs together. With the introduction and growth of digital audio technology in the late twentieth century, DJs now have even more tools and techniques that they can use to create a great set!

DJ-ing techniques
  • Traditionally, a DJ's basic equipment would consist of two decks and a mixer. The two decks spin two separate records whilst the mixer can cross-fade (fade one track in whilst simultaneously fading another out) between the two.
  • Nowadays DJ's tend to use professional audio software such as programs like 'Ableton Live' and 'Traktor' to digitally mix their tracks. Products such as these allow the user to tempo match two different songs without warping them and also contain a whole host of other effects.
I would advise you to get to grips with mixing using decks before you progress to professional software. Learning the decks will give you a solid foundation on which to build your DJing knowledge, as many of the principles are the same when you eventually progress to digital audio workstations.

Either way, DJing is not an easy art to master, so plenty of practice will be required!
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Do a Google search for some of the best DJing software. There are many websites like DJ Mix Pro and MJ Studio which are helpful. DJ Mix Pro is a smart MP3 player and mixer that perform automatic quality DJ mixes. There are options like beat matching and cross fading between all songs. DJ Mix Pro is an innovative approach of computer DJ Mixing since you can build the tempo and hear your mixes before they are actually played. You can go to the website to know how exactly the mixes are done.

MJ Studio is an effective mixing console for the digital DJ. It provides all potentials of professional DJ equipment using MP3 and WAV files. All you have to drag your tracks into one of the two virtual decks. There is a knob which mixes the songs according to the tempo. There are functions like scratching, pitching, 3 band equalizer, etc. You can match the speed of the tracks with a supporting BPM detector and mix your tracks with a cross-fader. There is also a playlist that helps in adding, moving and deleting songs.

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