What Would Be A Good Shopping List For A Single Person Who Hates To Cook?


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Spaghetti sauce   pre-cooked chicken strips  
pasta   packaged salad
frozen vegetables   eggs
tuna   cereal
tortillas   milk
salsa   bread
shredded cheese   oatmeal
deli meat
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How about ready meals although they can be expensive.
Or try something like giant frozen yorkshire puddings and put anything you like into it , for instance sausage ,mash and peas. Or mince and onions. Soup is very easy so are pot noodles.
But none of these are very good all the time you need proper food for iron and vitamins.
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I would suggest that you look for foods that need very little cooking, and yet are healthy and tasty. I hate to cook myself.
I usually buy things like yogurt, fruits and vegetables. Frozen vegetables can be steamed quickly and make great healthy dishes with a tiny bit of seasoning or butter on them.

Apple and oranges can be sliced and have cinnamon and sugar on them. Tuna and other seafood can be eaten on a bed of lettuce or a quick sandwich.

I usually have a diet bar of some kind for breakfast, so I can eat and run. These have a lot of the daily requirements for vitamins and other health supplements.
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Clearly people on the internet don't know what the word "list" means. I've run into that a lot.

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