What's A Good Song To Dedicate To A Dad Who Was Never There For You And You Hate Him?


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Queensryche, Bridge.
And it's a really good song as well.
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Julia answered
I'm sorry you have such a bad relationship with your father. I actually know how you feel. I hated my Mom. She died of leukemia when I was 17 (I'm 45 now). I've spent most of my life mostly indifferent to the loss. There are sometimes that I think we could have been friends as adults....or maybe not??

If you like oldies, These Boots Are Made For Walking; Nancy Sinatra is a good one. Solitaire; Laura Branigan is pretty creative. Good luck!! Mum
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Jikal Jester answered
I am hated by slipknot
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walter jedyk answered
You make me sick- by pink
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Annie Devore answered
"Solitaire" And "Hit The Road Jack" Solitaire Because You Are Playing A Game Of "Solitaire" .. Without Your Dad. "Hit The Road Jack" Because You Want  Him Out Off Your Life..
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Anonymous answered
Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin.... Although I never got direct hatred from the lyrics, it is certainly passive aggressive towards their strained relations
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Donna Kelly answered
I wouldn't like to say hun. Sorry, you must be in a really awkward position. Do you have the reasons he was never there for you? & is that the reason why you hate him? I really feel for you. I'm not going to tell you a song because I don't know whats gone on between you both. Theres 1 by Pink but I don't know what its called. I know its got the words hate in. My advice is try your best to not let this man bother you (in your mind ever again).Fleetwood Mac may have 1 or 2. I'm sorry your having to go through this., It must be really hard. Why not just raise above him & not dedicate 1 at all. Hope I've not offended you in any way. Good luck hun & best wishes. Xxxxxxx
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christine noble answered
I really hurt for you and I am going to pray for a healing.  I do know a song about a Father who never ever stops loving you.  'His eye is on the sparrow and I know He cares for me'  Not to dedicate to your father, just to love you.  Lots of ooooxxxx
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I cannot type the song name on this site LOL
But it is from the comedian Dennis Leary and it starts with a A and ends with Hole :)
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Emotionless by good charlotte, I think It'll soot your exact every need for this type of situation.
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Something by Lindsey Lohan...but, can't recall the name of the song.....maybe Daughter to Father.
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Maxine Chan answered
Because of you by Kelly Clarkson, I'd hate to be you by Mayday Parade, and You lost me by Joss Stone.
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Steven Vakula answered
Eminem has a good one in fact he has several as he apparently felt the same about his no-show Dad! I am sorry you had a Dad like this on another point! It isn't right.,

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