Which Love Song Is Special, To Dedicate To Your Wife-to-be Whom You Have Never Met Before?


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Mark Westbrook answered
Oh, this is difficult, you've never met her, so many of the traditional love songs just don't count. And here is the problem my friend love grows from knowledge of each other, and you have never even met, so how can you say anything at all to her?

One of my favourites is I Believe in Love by the Indigo Girls, but that's probably not great because you haven't had a love to believe in. Also, the band is a group of Lesbians and your wife to be is probably not happy about that at all!

Lady by Kenny Rogers might be the perfect song, it doesn't presume too much, but of course like all love songs, it has a sense of the bond of love about it.

Love is Strong is a song by the Rolling Stones that you might know, it's a really hard rock song, but it might just do the trick.
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I am in the same situation ... but one day in the car this song came on ... I swear it was written for my man & me! But you be the judge.

Song: Here in my Heart
Artist: Chicago
May 1997

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