I wanted to dedicate a song to my best friend she's always there for me & she sticks up for me she's Amazing! But which one? Read details please


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Well, probably pop, or hip hop or 90s', they're always good. I think that's really sweet of you to do that, and I bet she'll appreciate that. :)I got one, Everything changes by Kathy Troccoli. I really think you'll love it.
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Bruno Mars - You're amazing just the way you are.
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Lupe Barrera
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Oh thanks but don't you think that's more of a girlfriend-boyfriendish song? I'm sorry I'd use that one but it doesn't seem too appropriate thanks though!
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Halo by Beyonce is nice
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Probaby you got a friend in me!
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I was gna do the same for my friend
I was just on google and stumbled across a poem called pistachio nut by Kate Nash, it is a poem about friendship, it made me cry as it was so beautiful, if you can play an intrument then why don't you write a tune to it, thats much more personal than just gettin a song someone else has put there own time and effort into.
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Lupe Barrera
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Wow! That is a beautiful song! But sadly I can only play piano, electric guitar, and trombone, I don't think I could even begin to make a song but I'll be sure to tell her that poem thanks!
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  1. tum jo aye zin degi main bat ban gayee
  2. tere bina jiya na jaye
  3. tim bin
  4. kabhi na kabhi to milo ge
  5. pehla nasha pe hala khu ma
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Um I don't want to seem rude but what does this say? And also what language is this? I'm sorry.

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