Song Title And Who Sings It .end Of Song Is As Follows:If I Could Fly I'd Pick You Up.I'd Take You Into The Night And Show You How To Love?


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This son is called "Into the Night", sung by Benny Mardones.  It's one of my absolute favorite pieces of music.  Unfortunately, he was a one'hit wonder, and this was his one hit.  The album it's on is good, and you can find it at, or E-Bay.  What a treat for me to see this question!  I was just telling someone about this song yesterday.
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Ladywitch: First thank you for your responce. I have asked a few questions for myself and freinds and you are the first one to give the correct answer.Yes that was the song I was looking for! I would have thanked you sooner but for some reason I couldn't open your answer until tonight. With a voice like his I don't understand why it was his only hit but I guess that is how it goes sometimes thank you again
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You are so very welcome. Glad I could help!. Incidentally, you can get it on iTunes if you have an iPod you want to put it on, but I recommend the whole CD.
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Oh lord I'm going to lift you up and its never going to stop with everything ive got I'm going to lift you up

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