What's The Name Of The 80's Song Which Starts Like This "As The Night Moves In, Love Takes On New Meaning"?


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Those lyrics are from the song, 'If You Were Here Tonight' by the British recording artist Matt Goss. The song was actually released in 1996.

Matt got his start as the lead singer in the pop group Bros, formed in 1984. The band also featured Matt's twin brother Luke Goss as drummer and Craig Logan as bass player. Some of their hit songs were 'I Owe You Nothing,' 'When will I be Famous,' 'Push,' and 'Drop the Boy.'

After the band broke up, Matt went solo. He spent some time in the United States and Italy, recording and touring. One of his songs was included on the soundtrack for 'Stuart Little'. Matt also had a song on the album 'Sounds Of A Better World' and played at Carnegie Hall in New York. Matt also started writing songs for other musicians. He has made a preview selection of his new work available on his website.
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I know this is an old post but I'm a new user. That song was by Alexander O'Neal around 1985-86. He's an R&B singer who did a few duets with Cherelle. Remember 'My Saturday Love'? Not sure where Matt Goss came from unless he did a remake.

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