What Interview Questions Would Be Best To Ask A Singer To Be Posted On His Own Web Site?


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Hannah Barton answered
There are so many questions that a fan may wish to ask a singer if they have the opportunity to do so on their website. You may get carried away with all to the questions that you might want to ask and forget that these will be published on their website.

As these will be published and available to view on the website, you may want to put on there some questions that many people will want to know the answer to. These are more likely to be picked and chosen to be answered because they are more likely to be asked my many people.

When thinking of the questions you wish to ask, you should try to make sure that there are no curse words in the question so that the celebrity will be happy to publish the question on their website.

Some questions that may be interesting and answered by the singer;

  • Their favorite things.
These could be foods or places or anything that they could like. These are good questions as everyone likes and dislikes things so people can connect with the question. For this reason, the question will feel personal enough to be special but not so personal that the celebrity will feel uncomfortable publishing the answer on their website.

  • Abut their career.
Anyone in the public eye, especially celebrities, will want to talk about their career. This is the reason they are famous and the way that they make their money so any opportunity that they can get to publicize this, the better. Ask them about what they have been doing, what they plan to do next and what they really enjoy about their job. Any question that can promote their career will be accepted on to the website.
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Nicola Miller answered
Ask about their influences and their chosen style. Do they write their own lyrics & music? What is their motivation and where are they heading? Do they have any music to plug or any gigs lined up?
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Anish Chandy answered
Questions that you need to ask when interviewing a singer for a job would solely depend on the nature of the job. But provided below is an indicative list of questions that could be thrown at a singer:

What are the different types of genres that you sing in?
Can you give us details of past singing experiences?
Is there anybody in the industry who could testify to your abilities?
What is it that you expect to be paid for the assignment?
Are you open to the idea of collaborating with other singers of our choice?
What are your views on royalties of songs that are your original compositions?
Do you write lyrics of your songs?
Have you ever been signed up by a record label?
Are you willing to provide back-up vocals to a singer of our choice?
Are you open to travelling to any location where ever there is a concert?
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Anonymous answered
Try and compare them to someone else, then ask them how they feel about this?
For example if I was interviewing Lady Gaga I would ask,
people are now seeing you as the new madonna, how do you feel about this? :)
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